Monday, June 6, 2011

a sneak peek

I've been working on my first pattern booklet recently, to be released this Fall. We did a photoshoot last week, and I'm so excited that my pile of samples has turned into something I can share!
It's a collection of women's Fall/Winter accessories, for a range of knitting skill levels. These are just a few of the shots from last week, but I think they'll give you a good feel for the book.

Stay tuned for preorder information!


Meg Roke said...

They look gorgeous- especially the cabled accessories- but then I love cables!

Anonymous said...

Kate: You are such a fantastic designer. I cannot wait for that book and to hopefully make all the patterns. You are the best. Also so happy you are going to stay as my favorite local yarn shop and my favorite yarn shop owner. Love ya

Anonymous said...

Kate That was me as anonymnous I forgot to sign it. Jean B